Avoid Sending Your Phone Away for Repairs: Get Onsite iPhone Repairs in Perth, with iCare Mobile Repair

Some version of the situation is sadly familiar to far too many people. Maybe your phone slips out of your pocket when you are out to eat, and lands face down on a hard concrete floor. Perhaps you accidentally knock it off the kitchen counter, and …read more.

Get an iPhone Screen Repair for a Competitive Price in Perth

An iPhone is an expensive investment. The recent iPhone 7 arrived on the market for prices in excess of $1,000—even for the cheapest model. The 32GB version went on sale for a list price of $1,079, while the 256GB model started at $1,379. In between, the …read more.

Get Your iPhone 6 Repairs or Screen Replacements Done in Perth, without Worrying about Privacy

It’s a good thing that the most private or sensitive things in our life are mostly never subject to repair. For instance, you’ll never have to hand off the filing cabinet that holds all your sensitive personal documents to a repair technician who you …read more.

Keep Your iPhone 6S Looking Like a Status Symbol: Get an Affordable Screen Repair or Replacement in Perth

Phones like the iPhone 6S are more than just phones. They’re even more than just extremely powerful personal computers that fit snugly in your pocket. Indeed, phones like the iPhone 6S are also reflections of your personal image. At work, they are …read more.

iPhone 6S Plus Screen Repair and Replacement Near Perth

Like many other Australians, you are walking around with a cracked screen on your iPhone 6S Plus. You are not sure when the initial crack appeared on the screen. All you know is that when you woke up this morning and looked at your trusty phone to …read more.

iPhone 5 Screen Repair or Replacement Near Perth

Many of us have reacted with abject horror when we looked down at our trusty iPhone 5 and saw a cracked screen staring back at us. Once you get past the “How did this happen?” stage, you then are left to contemplate the hassle of what to do next. …read more.

iPhone 5S Screen Repair and Replacement in Perth

Many people have that friend or relative who carries around an iPhone 5S that needs a screen repair. In our case, that person is James. The screen on his iPhone 5S is cracked so badly that you can barely see what is on the screen. Everyone just shakes …read more.

Tablets Repairs in Perth

Many people no longer rely on a laptop or a personal desktop computer as their primary technology for their personal or professional life. Those machines have been replaced by an iPad air or iPad 2, ipad 3, ipad 4 or ipad mini. They cannot even imagine the …read more.

Schedule an iPad Screen Replacement Anywhere at Anytime, with iCare Mobile Repair in Perth

Picture this scenario: you’re at the office and preparing for a major presentation. Your presentation is stored on your iPad, which you will be hooking up to the projector for the big speech. Then, in your slightly nervous state, you accidentally lose …read more.

Get Fixes for Older iPads: iCare Mobile Repair Offers Screen Repair Services for the iPad 2, 3 and 4 in Perth

Some consumers are such big fans of Apple products that they trade in their iPhones on an annual basis—just to make sure they have the latest version. Even customers concerned less with having the latest technology will typically buy a new smartphone every …read more.

Getting Reliable Screen Replacements for the iPad Mini, iPad Mini2 or iPad Air in Perth

The screen on your iPad Mini or iPad Air needs repairing, and you are looking for a place in the Perth area where you can get it serviced. Perhaps you had a bad experience with a mobile device repair service in the past, though, and now you are hesitant …read more.

Get Your Samsung Phone Repaired without Leaving Your Desk: From Charge Port Fixes to Screen Repairs, iCare Mobile Repair Is the Company to Call in Perth

Perhaps your Samsung Galaxy has a cracked screen, or maybe the charge port hasn’t been working as reliably as it should be. In any case, if you need a Samsung phone repair in Perth but don’t have time to get away from the office, give us a call at iCare …read more.

Seek Samsung S3, S4, S5, and S7 Screen Repairs and Replacements in Perth.

It’s a long crack – winding across the screen, awkwardly dissecting every social media stream and Google search. You squint at your phone, trying to decipher the data that’s now painfully distorted. None of the words quite connect, though, and you eventually …read more.

Find Fast Computer Repair Services in Perth

The line stretches forever – with dozens of angry customers in front of you and countless more behind. You find yourself trapped in a repair shop nightmare, with every minute seemingly wasted. There’s no urgency; there’s no speed. Instead, the man …read more.

Booking in for a MacBook Repair in Perth

If you’re a MacBook user, then you’ll know how important your computer is to you. You probably use your laptop for every aspect of your life, such as keeping your music store in iTunes, managing your life with your calendar and email, and doing essential …read more.

Get Your Mobile Screen Repairs in Perth done Quickly, with iCare Mobile Repair

While many things can go wrong with mobile phones, such as battery issues, earphone/headphone socket problems and more, the most common problem usually encountered is with the screen. Today’s mobiles all have glass screens, which look great and are …read more.

Keep Your Phone Looking Great with Mobile Phone Screen Repairs in Perth

Your phone works, but the screen is cracked, and that doesn’t give off the best impression. Not only that, but you paid a lot of money for that phone, and it only makes sense that you would want to keep it in the best condition possible after making …read more.

Cheap Mobile Phone and iPhone Screen Repair in Perth Brought Directly to You When You Need It

Whether you’ve chosen an iPhone or one of the many other brands of phones on the market, you’ve likely made quite an investment. Unfortunately, because these devices go everywhere that you go, it’s not uncommon for them to break after a lot of rough …read more.

An iPhone 4s Screen Replacement in Perth Should Provide You Security

Your iPhone is a well-used device, filled with sensitive information, from photographs to documents, credit card information and passwords, and the last thing you want is for all that information to get into the hands of a stranger. However, that is just …read more.

Where You Can Get a Laptop Screen Repair in Perth

It’s a horrifying moment – your laptop screen is broken, rendering your expensive machine unusable for the time being. Considering just how often you use your laptop, that can be incredibly inconvenient, or even a crisis if you need your laptop for …read more.

Dropped Your iPhone in the Water? What to Do and Who to Call for Mobile Water Damage Repair in Perth

Few things feel worse than watching your brand-new iPhone drop into the toilet or a sink full of water. An iPhone is an expensive piece of hardware, but just a few centimetres of water can easily destroy them. While newer iPhone models are supposed to …read more.