Tablets Repairs in Perth

Many people no longer rely on a laptop or a personal desktop computer as their primary technology for their personal or professional life. Those machines have been replaced by an iPad air or iPad 2, ipad 3, ipad 4 or ipad mini. They cannot even imagine the trauma to their lives if they had to live for more than a few hours without those devices. Their entire list of contacts, both personal and professional, are contained on that iPad.

They interact with business associates through e-mail and networking sites using that iPad. They keep in touch with friends and family using social media in the same manner. They even watch television shows and movies on their iPad, as well as get all their news and gossip.

From a business perspective, all their documents and current projects are on their iPad, as well as all the apps they use to create and communicate. Needless to say, when there is a problem with their iPad or iPad 2, their life is in complete chaos!

You can take your iPad or iPad 2 to the Apple store, and they will send it out for repair. However, it is incumbent on you to make sure all your important files and contacts are backed up to the iCloud or iTunes, or you will not be able to access them until you get your repaired unit back. Or, in some cases, you may lose the data during the repair. That repair and the shipping in each direction is likely to take weeks. Many people would rather go weeks without food or water (some even oxygen) rather than be without their iPad for that long.

iCare Mobile Repair Performs iPad 2 Repairs in Perth

There is a much better alternative. iCare Mobile Repair. You can make a convenient appointment for one of our technicians to come to you at a convenient time. In most cases, we can complete an iPad repair in Perth in less than an hour, without the iPad or iPad 2 ever leaving your sight. Even if we cannot repair on site, most iPad repairs in Perth that need shop attention will be completed within a day. The same applies to iPad 2 repairs in Perth.

The Most Common iPad Repairs in Perth

The most often performed iPad repair is either a screen repair or replacement, or to replace a battery. When the repair often takes less than an hour, why should your iPad or iPad 2 sit on the workbench or loading dock of a repair shop for days? Why should you travel across town to drop off your iPad, travel home or back to work, and then make the round trip again days or weeks later to pick it up? At iCare Mobile Repair, we make sure you don’t have to! We do the travel, and we do the iPad2 repairs. We bring the tools and replacement parts with us! We also bring our outstanding training and experience with us for no extra charge!

The next time you need iPad or iPad 2 repairs in Perth, call iCare Mobile Repair!