Schedule an iPad Screen Replacement Anywhere at Anytime, with iCare Mobile Repair in Perth

Picture this scenario: you’re at the office and preparing for a major presentation. Your presentation is stored on your iPad, which you will be hooking up to the projector for the big speech. Then, in your slightly nervous state, you accidentally lose your grip on your iPad. Spiderweb cracks spread across the screen, and it’s suddenly difficult even to see your presentation on the screen, let alone read your notes or turn the pages.

Needless to say, you need an iPad screen repair ASAP. The problem is, you don’t have time to go out to any of the device repair shops in Perth. You need the job done now; you need it done at your office, and you need it done right. What do you do?

Call iCare Mobile Repair

The best course of action is to give us a call at iCare Mobile Repair. Our business focusses on iPad screen repairs in Perth. More importantly, we are unique among phone and tablet repair shops in that we don’t have to send your device off to a workshop or warehouse for repair. On the contrary, our technicians can replace iPhone and iPad screens on the spot—whether ‘the spot’ is our store or your office.

If you need a repair and can’t wait even a few hours—let alone a few days—count on us. As our brand name suggests, we offer a mobile repair service. You call us, schedule a time slot and give us your address. Our technicians then come to your location and provide the fix you need. There is no easier way to do an iPad screen replacement in Perth.

Schedule Your iPad Screen Repair in Perth Today

If you need an iPad screen replacement in Perth, just let us know. At iCare, we work regular business hours during the week (9am to 5pm), as well as on Saturdays. Our technicians can schedule mobile repair bookings during all of these hours unless it’s a public holiday. We can meet you anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area for a mobile repair, including at homes and offices. If you would rather come into our store for the repair, you can find us on Hay Street in Subiaco, ten minutes from downtown Perth.

Whether you schedule a mobile booking or an in-store repair, you can expect your iPad screen repair to go quickly. Our technicians are exceptionally well-trained and perform dozens of screen replacements each week. As such, they are capable of performing the iPad screen replacement service in just 30 or 40 minutes—so that you can get back to preparing for that presentation as soon as possible.

Don’t let a cracked or broken tablet screen ruin your day or put a major work project in jeopardy. Instead, call iCare Mobile Repair and take advantage of our quick and convenient iPad screen repairs in Perth. You can call us to schedule a mobile booking today on 1300-000-199.