Get an iPhone Screen Repair for a Competitive Price in Perth

An iPhone is an expensive investment. The recent iPhone 7 arrived on the market for prices in excess of $1,000—even for the cheapest model. The 32GB version went on sale for a list price of $1,079, while the 256GB model started at $1,379. In between, the 128GB version on release day was $1,229.

Needless to say, iPhones are pricey pieces of hardware—investments sizable enough to be worth paying off in instalments. In most cases, consumers are willing to pay with their hard-earned cash for these devices for two core reasons. One, they are incredibly useful, filled with features, capabilities, and power that makes life easier. Secondly, are extremely robust—to the point where you can hold onto an iPhone for four-plus years and still have it working well.

Even the most well-built smartphone has at least one weakness, though: the glass screen. When you drop an iPhone on a hard service, you’re lucky to escape unscathed. More often, your phone will end up with a few cracks. If you’re unlucky, you may completely shatter the display. Just like that, the thought of paying off an iPhone investment over the course of three or four years becomes moot. Or does it?

How iCare Mobile Repair Can Help Save Your iPhone

At iCare Mobile Repair, we can save your iPhone and your investment in the space of just 30 or 40 minutes. We offer iPhone screen repair services from our store in the metro Perth area. We can take your iPhone, remove the broken screen, replace it, and have it back to you in less than an hour. Or we can also come to your place and do the repair onsite without extra charge.

There are a lot of stores offering iPhone screen repairs these days—both in the Perth area and throughout Western Australia. iCare Mobile Repair, though, stands apart from the competition in two crucial ways.

Firstly, we do the job faster. We are one of the few phone repair shops (again, in Perth or WA) that can perform iPhone screen replacements on the spot. Thus, you don’t have to go without your phone for more than an hour.

Secondly, we do the job at competitive rates. Even with our unique onsite service, our prices for iPhone screen replacements are more affordable than many other stores in Perth. This competitive pricing is important and underlines the ‘investment’ facet of an iPhone. There’s a chance that you already spent more than $1,000 on your iPhone. You might have even spent that money just a month or two ago. The last thing you want to do is spend more money on this phone. Getting an affordable iPhone screen repair in Perth, then, is a must.

Get More Life out of Your iPhone: Get an iPhone Screen Replacement in Perth Today

You don’t want to face the prospect of buying a brand new phone so soon after spending so much money on an iPhone only months before. With iCare Mobile Repair, you get an affordable repair and restore your iPhone to its former glory. Just like that, you can protect your investment for another few years.

Learn more about iCare and our iPhone screen repairs in Perth! Give us a call today on 1300-000-199.