Booking in for a MacBook Repair in Perth

If you’re a MacBook user, then you’ll know how important your computer is to you. You probably use your laptop for every aspect of your life, such as keeping your music store in iTunes, managing your life with your calendar and email, and doing essential work. Wherever you go, your MacBook will go too, keeping you up-to-date and connected. So, what do you do when something happens to your precious machine that stops you working with it? Can you contemplate a situation where you could be without this valuable resource for days, or perhaps weeks if you send it back to Apple for repair?

Here at iCare Mobile Repair, we have a better way to handle MacBook repairs in Perth.

Whether it’s a hardware problem or software, we can discover a fast solution to get your MacBook back up and running again quickly. We operate a friendly phone service where we can diagnose many problems and even solve them, over the phone. For more serious problems, you may have to bring it in – but even then, we have a quick solution. With a broad selection of spare parts in stock, we can trace the problem quickly and easily and have your MacBook working for you the same day.

Convenient and Fast Service for all MacBook repairs in the Perth Area

We have professional, trained personnel with experience in servicing a multitude of IT equipment, such as laptops, phones, and tablets. There is a good chance that our technicians have seen the problem you’re having with your MacBook before, and will know exactly how to fix it. Perhaps your super-drive has stopped working; we can replace it with a quality off-the-shelf part, and install it in minutes. Does your MacBook fail to hold a charge? Perhaps the battery has come to the end of its life. We can fix that too.

A common problem is when someone has broken their screen. MacBook screens are well-built and robust, but even the most durable screen can become cracked and broken if handled incorrectly. If you need a MacBook screen repair in Perth, then we can carry that out while-you-wait, with no need to send the machine off to some remote repair shop.

Security is Paramount. Have Peace of Mind with iCare Mobile Repair

Because so much of your life exists online, and consequently your laptop, we would never dream of asking you to part with your prized computer. When you bring your MacBook for a repair in our Perth workshop (186 Hay Street, Subiaco, WA 6008), we will carry out all repairs right in front of you. You wouldn’t want a random technician to go rooting through your emails and family pictures – and for that reason, we allow you to view every aspect of the repair.

Call iCare Mobile repair today, and book in to have your MacBook repaired by highly trained and professional technicians. We’ll get you back up and running in no time. Not only that – a 90-day quality-assured warranty covers all work undertaken.