Get Your Mobile Screen Repairs in Perth done Quickly, with iCare Mobile Repair

While many things can go wrong with mobile phones, such as battery issues, earphone/headphone socket problems and more, the most common problem usually encountered is with the screen. Today’s mobiles all have glass screens, which look great and are extremely functional, but unfortunately have a habit of breaking, especially when they come into quick contact with a hard surface – such as a concrete path or tarmac road. Here at iCare, you’d be surprised how many times we’ve heard the story about how “the phone just slipped out of my pocket as I got in the car.”

How many times have you dropped your phone onto a hard surface and felt relieved when the screen has stayed intact? Probably more times that you care to remember. However, on one of those occasions, you will undoubtedly be unlucky, and you’ll crack the screen prompting an expensive repair.

If you live in the Perth area, then you’ll be pleased to know there is an inexpensive solution just up the road. iCare Mobile Repair can repair and service all types of mobile phone, regardless of if you have an Apple, Samsung, Nokia, or any other make. Not only that, we have extremely quick turn-around times, measured in minutes and hours, rather than days and weeks.

Don’t get put off that you might be without your trusty phone for a long time – that doesn’t happen at iCare Mobile Repair.

A Mobile Service for Mobile Repairs in Perth

That’s right – we have a mobile screen repairs service. If you don’t have the time to send us the phone or bring it into our store in Subiaco, we can come out to you. With a fleet of mobile repair vans, we can be at your home or place of work the same day, and carry out a full repair with a 90-day warranty in minutes. If you’ve broken your screen and simply can’t do without your phone (perhaps because you have an important meeting, or require the phone for talking to customers), we have a mobile screen repair service in Perth that is right up your street! Quite literally.

Of course, it’s not just screens we can fix. A common fault with some phones is the charging port. Over time the connections can become loose, and it will be increasingly difficult to keep the phone charging reliably. When that happens, you need to replace the circuit board that houses the charging port. This task is definitely a job for a professional, so it’s time to call a mobile repair service in Perth to help you.

Don’t Try to Fix it Yourself – Call the Pros

All modern smartphones are just like Armadillos. Tough on the outside, but delicate and intricate on the inside. We recommend you should never try to repair a phone yourself if you don’t have the training. In most cases, you won’t have the tiny tools needed and could end up causing even more damage. With a friendly and inexpensive repair team just around the corner, there’s no need even to try. Pick up the phone to iCare Mobile Repair today, and we’ll get you sorted out in no time.