iPhone 5 Screen Repair & Replacement – Perth

Many of us have reacted with abject horror when we looked down at our trusty iPhone 5 and saw a cracked screen staring back at us. Once you get past the “How did this happen?” stage, you then are left to contemplate the hassle of what to do next.

I Have Heard an iPhone 5 Screen Replacement is Easy to Do Yourself

Since you are on a budget and don’t have any additional insurance on the screen, you research how to perform an iPhone 5 screen repair in Perth yourself. You have heard friends talk about iPhone 5 screen replacement and you think “How hard can it be?” You find the answer is “Pretty Hard!”

You first must buy a screen. You find some online that are not that expensive, but the cheaper ones will take a long to arrive unless you pay a fortune for expedited shipping. You are heartened at first with the concept of doing this yourself, but then as you read further and watch some videos, you realise that first, you need special security screwdrivers. That will be another online purchase and shipping charge. Wait, you also need a suction cup to pry the screen off. You wonder whether the one that you hang your razor on in the shower will work or if there is some special screen-prying-suction-cup you need. You decide you can probably handle this so far.

Then, as you read and watch further, you realise that in addition to a screen and special tools, you will then need to transfer a variety of components from the old screen of your iPhone 5 to the new screen prior to installing the new one. You have to identify the LCD shield plate, front camera with induction flex cable, earpiece speaker, earpiece bracket, home button and gasket, home button flex and home button bracket. All of these parts have to go on the new screen? You thought this was supposed to be simple! Maybe it is simple for people who design things like the International Space Station in their spare time!

You then learn that you can purchase a replacement screen that cuts down on all that component transferring. However, since that screen comes with all the new elements, it is very expensive. You realise that is why there is such a price differential between the inexpensive replacement screens and the expensive displays.

Onsite iPhone 5 Repair in Perth

As you dejectedly read on, realising that this little project is likely to be way over your head, you stumble upon a comment to one article. Wait, there is a company that provides iPhone 5 screen replacement in Perth? They will come to you at an appointed time to do this iPhone 5 screen replacement in Perth? It is affordable, and the work is guaranteed! All you have to do is call iCare Mobile Repair, and we will perform the iPhone 5 repair in Perth in a professional, hassle-free manner. The repair usually takes less than an hour.