Avoid Sending Your Phone Away for Repairs: Get Onsite iPhone Repairs in Perth, with iCare Mobile Repair

Some version of the situation is sadly familiar to far too many people. Maybe your phone slips out of your pocket when you are out to eat, and lands face down on a hard concrete floor. Perhaps you accidentally knock it off the kitchen counter, and it tumbles three feet to the tiles. In most cases, the phone still works, but the screen gets shattered. Such is the life in the era of smartphones.

Breaking the screen on your iPhone is heartbreaking enough, given the expense and beauty of Apple’s flagship device. Almost equally heartbreaking, though, is seeking an iPhone repair in Perth and being repeatedly told that you have to book an appointment and wait couple days to get it fixed. If you’re like the average modern customer, you use your mobile device for so many things, that living without it for a few days (or even weeks) is almost unthinkable.

iCare Mobile Repair: A Better, Faster Perth iPhone Repair Service

What if you could get the screen repaired in your preferred location and time, without having to rush in the crowded shopping mall? What if you could get the fix done in less than an hour instead of three to five days? What if rectifying that drop on the floor was as easy as dropping into a retail location conveniently situated in the Perth metropolitan area?

With iCare Mobile Repair, all the above is possible. For two years, we have been offering onsite mobile phone repairs in Perth. Just simply call us and we will come to you. You can also drop into our retail location on Hay Street in Subiaco—located just ten minutes from the centre of downtown. Our trained technicians will be able to remove your cracked screen and install a high-quality replacement from a local supplier. In most cases, we can perform iPhone screen replacements in less than 30 minutes. We can also provide many other services, such as battery replacements, water damage repair and small parts replacements. Not to mention a wide range of accessories you can choose from for your mobile phones.

As you might expect, this quick-on-the-spot service is rare. The boom of popularity for iPhone models and other smartphones has made smartphone repairs a profitable business, leading to the establishment of more than 100 phone repair shops throughout Western Australia. Of those, we are just one of two that can provide qualified on site repair services. In other words, if you need a Perth iPhone repair and need the job done ASAP, we are the only game in town.

Thanks for the portable POS machine, you can pay by visa, master card and even American express! Need a formal quote to lodge your insurance? Simply call us and we can offer you a free quote with in minutes!

Avoid Downtown, with a Visit to iCare Mobile Repair Today

If you use your iPhone for work, you might not be able to go days or weeks without it. Even if you don’t use it for work, though, keeping in touch with friends and family or browsing the web on the go will be tough to contemplate without your phone.

With iCare Mobile Repair, you don’t have to imagine those days. Instead, you can avoid downtime by visiting our store for an onsite iPhone repair in Perth. Learn more by calling us on 1300-000-199.