Getting Reliable Screen Replacements for the iPad Mini, iPad Mini2 or iPad Air in Perth

The screen on your iPad Mini or iPad Air needs repairing, and you are looking for a place in the Perth area where you can get it serviced. Perhaps you had a bad experience with a mobile device repair service in the past, though, and now you are hesitant about choosing a repair shop without doing your homework first. Specifically, you want to find a store that will fix your device, use quality parts and stand by its work if anything goes wrong.

iCare Mobile Repair: An iPad Mini Screen Replacement Store in Perth That You Can Trust

At iCare Mobile Repair, we can to be the place where people come for iPad Mini or iPad Air screen replacements in Perth. We know that some consumers have had bad experiences going through third-party repairers in the past. We are also aware that these people are hesitant to trust anyone but Apple itself to repair their devices. Additionally, we know that Apple’s repairs are expensive and can take weeks. There has to be a better option.

When we set up shop at iCare two years ago, we did so with the ambitious aim of being that so-called ‘better option.’ We wanted to be a company that provided iPad Mini screen replacements in Perth with all of the reliability of an Apple authorised supplier. We also wanted to provide these services at greater convenience and lower prices than Apple does. Lastly, we wanted to offer quick and affordable repairs without relying on cheap replacement parts to save money.

If you come to our store for an iPad Mini2 screen replacement in Perth, you can rest assured that we are still holding up those goals as our top priorities. All of our phone repairs—whether we are replacing screens, charge ports, batteries or cameras—use high-quality parts from a local supplier. We also cover each repair with a 90-day warranty to cover any quality issues that may arise.

For instance, if your screen isn’t responsive, or if it comes loose for some reason, just bring your iPad back to us. If your repair is within warranty, we will fix it again for free. We also offer a full Money Back Guarantee. If there is a quality issue with your repair, we will fix it under your warranty upon your first visit. If the problem comes back after a few more weeks and you are dissatisfied with our workmanship, we will refund the full cost of the repair.

Ensure Peace of Mind with Your iPad Repair: Call iCare Mobile Repair Today

When it comes to replacing the screen of your iPad or investing in some other mobile device repair, you should have someone who you can trust to do the repair right. At iCare Mobile Repair, we strive to ensure quality and peace of mind with every repair job we undertake. If you live in Perth and need a screen replacement for an iPad Mini, an iPad Mini2 or an iPad Air, give us a call today on 1300-000-199.