iPhone 5S Screen Repair and Replacement in Perth

Many people have that friend or relative who carries around an iPhone 5S that needs a screen repair. In our case, that person is James. The screen on his iPhone 5S is cracked so badly that you can barely see what is on the screen. Everyone just shakes their head in disbelief every time James pulls out that cracked phone. Of course, all of James’ regular friends and co-workers make the usual comments when they see it. One friend will always say “I see you are still using your little sister’s phone!” Someone else will say “You know they sell cases at the store for like $5.00 that will protect your phone from that?”

Of course, at least once per day, someone will tell James that he can watch a bunch of YouTube videos and then fix it himself for like “$20.00!” James had heard it all and has secretly investigated repairing the phone himself but knows that undertaking the repair would be an unmitigated disaster.

The really humorous thing about James’ situation is that he is not some teenage deadbeat who doesn’t have the money to get his iPhone 5S fixed. He is a respected white collar professional that drives a nice well-maintained car, living in an upper-middle class neighbourhood with a manicured lawn.

Worried an iPhone 5S Screen Repair in Perth will take Too Long?

The reason why James doesn’t get an iPhone 5S screen replacement in Perth is because he knows that he can’t possibly risk going a few days without his phone, or worse yet, risk losing all the information and contacts he has accumulated on that little beauty. He even puts up with the occasional laceration on the tip of his finger from the sharp edges of the cracks.

He is very conscious of the condition of the screen on his phone whenever he is in the company of his boss. When they are together, James often holds his phone at a strange angle so his boss can’t see the screen. On one occasion his boss asked “Why do you hold your phone like that?” and James blamed it on bifocal contacts.

Finally, in a meeting in Perth with his boss and some very important clients, James had to check an important message on his phone and murmured “Ouch!” when he cut his finger on a crack. When it started bleeding his boss said: “Give me that iPhone 5S!” James’ boss then inquired as to how long he needed a screen repair and was that why he looked at his phone “weird?” When James confessed, and indicated why he wouldn’t get it fixed his boss told him there was an easy answer. Call iCare Mobile Repair.

iCare Mobile Repair: For a Quality iPhone 5S Repair in Perth

The boss told James that iCare would come to him at the office to perform the iPhone 5S screen repair in Perth and that the repair would likely only take about forty minutes. James would not have to hand his iPhone 5S over to a stranger for days, and that his precious phone would never have to leave his sight. James asked his boss how he knows so much about iPhone 5S screen replacement and the boss responded: “You know I have teenage children and that they all have iPhones, Right?”